About Us


PANCARAN TEMASEK was established in the year 2010 targeting the property development and construction industry in Malaysia.

It is a company wholly own by Mr. TENG AH CHING and his family who have been active and familiar in the industry for the past decade.

Constructed the HONDA 3 ‘S’ Show Room at Kulai, Johor for M/s Wang Loo Motor Sdn Bhd in the year 2009 via another associate company.

As a construction company, PTSB brings with her vast experience to provide accurate estimating and efficient project management and also well prepared to be proactive to the challenges that inevitably arise during major construction projects. We have substantial experience bringing difficult and sensitive projects to successful completion.

This company profile serves as a brief introduction of our business activities.



The Company has an authorized capital of RM1,000,000-00 and has an initial paid up capital of RM750,000. The managements and shareholders of PTSB are committed to the long term growth and sustainability of the company through business alliances and collaboration with likeminded business partners and friends.

PANCARAN TEMASEK plans to actively expand its operations regionally and at the same time grow the Company through the pursuit of new businesses with strong growth potential to complement its core business. This will be the key growth strategy of PTSB.


We are committed to complying with customer, regulatory & legal requirements to achieve Total Customer’s Satisfaction.

•  Quality Works is an integral part of our Company Culture.
•  The Company’s top priority is to provide high-level customer satisfaction.
•  We pride ourselves for delivering consistent quality works.


Here at PTSB, we believe in conducting all business activities with full honesty and also by extending mutual respect to all we met so as to build long-term relationships.


We aim to become a CONSTRUCTION SPECIALIST with complete in-house capability in the design, supply and construction of civil, structural and M&E infrastructure in Malaysia.


PTSB’s strength lies on its PEOPLE who are able to deliver consistent QUALITY WORKS.

Our People are our greatest strength.

We are proud to have a team of highly skilled workforce who are able to consistently deliver and maintain the highest standards of excellence in our products and services.

Our People take pride in their work. Each and every staff understands what our Clients' needs and is equipped with the necessary skill, knowledge and attitude to fulfill those needs.

As one of our corporate core values, our People are treated with respect. We regard our People as an asset and strive to provide them with a rewarding and quality work life. This has enabled the company to attract, recruit and retain a group of quality staff, sub-contractors and workers to serve our valued clients.

Todate, the Company has build up a workforce of more than 100 highly motivated and competent workers supported by a team of experienced staffs and sub-contractors in Civil Engineering and Building Construction.
We are committed to meeting to our customer’s needs and expectation through timely delivery, quality works and good site management with high safety & environmental consciousness.

Over the years, the Company has earned customers’ trust and confidence.

These are the key ingredients of our competitiveness.


Work Heads Description Grading/Tendering Capacity
B General Building G6/RM10 Million
CE Civil Engineering G6/RM10 Million


The Company’s area of service and expertise are as follow:

Civil Works

•  STP  
•  Road works
•  Earthwork
•  Drainage Works

Building and Services

•  Steel Structural works
•  Architectural Works
•  Plumbing
•  Electrical wiring
•  Landscaping



The Company’s paid up capital is RM 750,000-00 and the shareholders are committed to further increase the capital paid-up of the Company commensurate with the business capacity it intends to undertake. The objective is to provide sufficient capital funding to enhance the Company’s objective of steady growth in the construction industry via expansion.

The Company also maintains a strong credit facility with most of the leading supply houses.

PTSB firmly believes in maintaining a strong capital funding in order to ensure successful project implementation as well as asserting assurance to its creditors, subcontractors and suppliers on its credit rating.